Monday, May 3, 2010

Steve Wang's pants monsters

I was sent these pants monsters by creature design legend/director Steve Wang. I'll be updating this post for awhile - Steve is in pre-production on a new feature that he's directing so he's kind of busy, but I will doggedly bother him for more specifics on the pants his monsters are wearing.

The first is Illidan from World of Warcraft - a display piece that Steve made for the big gaming convention, E3. If you want to get a close-up look at the pants, it currently resides in the lobby of Blizzard Entertainment in Los Angeles.

The character below is from Blade Trinity, his name is Drake and in the movie he's the original Dracula. To his right is the actor that portrayed him in the film. I'm assuming that the pants that Drake is wearing are very nice because most vampires are wealthy, having accumulated fortunes over their very long lifetimes. In other words, I think they're leather - not vinyl.

Markus from Underworld:Evolution

Now if this one suddenly dissapears from this blog posting, it's because it technically does not fit my criterium of what constitutes a pants monster. But it's by Steve, and it's cool. It's the head crab zombie from the popular FPS game Half Life and Half Life 2. Steve made it as a Halloween costume for his son.

Unused tooth fairy creature from Darkness Falls. Steve tells me that it's not pants, but a skirt. In the interest of equality between the sexes I'm going to include it.

Abe Sapien from the Hellboy movies.

Bambooman from Kung Fu Rascals, a feature film directed by Steve Wang. The film was shot in Super 8! I'm searching for a better shot of his pants.

Keeper of the Gate, made by Steve for Screaming Mad George's first annual halloween contest. If you don't know who Screaming Mad George is, click here.